New Technology Alert!

Bronte Digital is now offering a new style of viewing our Bespoke Virtual Tours with the exciting Live Guided Tours.

After the Coronavirus pandemic, we have all become more immersed within the world of virtual reality and video-conference technology. Now, these booming platforms have been combined in an innovative way. The new Live Guided Tours allow a host to show guests around a property via virtual tour while communicating through video or audio calls.

Live Guided Tours are extremely flexible – they can be used on any device; multiple users can be in the tour simultaneously and control can be switched between users throughout. Also, the tour’s privacy and availability can be adapted to suit the host’s needs. They can be used interactively or privately as a one-off or on multiple occasions. As a result, this handy technology can be beneficial to a vast range of industries such as Estate Agency, Hospitality, Education, and the GLAM sector.

For Estate Agents, this is an exceptional, time-efficient sales tool. It can be used instead of or as well as the current processes without losing the intimate seller-agent and agent-buyer relationships or the thorough interaction of traditional viewings.

The Hospitality sector can benefit immensely in terms of advertising and marketing as the tours authentically capture a business’s personality and ambiance, allowing owners to showcase this to their client intimately and comprehensively.

In the case of Education, universities can utilise this impressive marketing tool to reach students from far and wide. The Live Tours enable students to feel more immersed within their prospective university and can be shown around accommodation halls, laboratories, libraries and other facilities. Meanwhile, primary and secondary schools can use the tours for field trips.

Lastly, the GLAM sector can use this technology to reach many more visitors from different nationalities, cultures and abilities. Live-Guided Tours enable these cultural institutions to become more accessible, interactive and immersive.

As the world moves on from the current global COVID-19 pandemic, this virtual interactive technology will be extremely helpful in maintaining each of these industries as it showcases these important places while reducing face-to-face interaction without losing the experience and atmosphere.

Live Guided Tours are an extremely promising new technology that can only get better!