The tourism industry has taken a massive hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Aeroplanes have been grounded, hotels have closed their doors and each country has its own rules regarding safety and quarantine. Holiday-makers, tourists and adventurers have been confined for the majority of the year but now restrictions are being eased and Holiday Homes are the way forward. Here are some benefits of visiting Holiday Homes during and after the Coronavirus outbreak.

Control Over Number of Households
Unlike other residential and hospitality businesses, guests of Holiday Homes can control who they stay with. This means you have to power to decide whether you keep to a single household or whether you invite your friends and family from other households to stay with you. This can be a fun, hygienic and safe way for multiple households to come together and enjoy each other’s company after being separated for so long.

Change of Scenery
After being confined to our homes for the last few months, staying somewhere else can be extremely refreshing.  Especially, for those who live in smaller and more constricted dwellings. With a large number of Holiday Cottages in the UK you can stay close to home, revisit your favourite places or venture to new parts of the country.

Change of Activities
With this change of scenery comes a change of available activities. Before the COVID-19 lockdown, there was a significant rise in the level of people walking and cycling for leisure. All throughout the lockdown, these forms of exercise have remained relatively normal. Holiday Homes can offer new walking and cycling paths as well as other entertaining pass-times. Some Vacation Properties have farms where guests are able to feed and play with the animals. This can be uplifting for families with young children. Others can provide a more romantic setting with hot tubs and log fires for couples looking to get away.

Minimal Interaction with Others
The Coronavirus pandemic has really helped us to develop our technical skills in terms of video calls and virtual reality. New technologies now allow Holiday Home owners to show their guests around their properties virtually. This means guests do not have to come into contact with owners but are still able to meet, communicate and receive the grand tour. At Bronte Digital, we are using a new technology allowing Live Guided Tours.

No Extensive Travel
A huge advantage of Holiday Homes is the lack of extensive travel. Even if your destination is in a completely different part of the country, there’s no need for passports, boarding passes or having to abide by different quarantining rules.

Range of Holiday Cottages
Whether you prefer camping or glamping, roughing it or resting and relaxing, Holiday Homes can offer it all. Each property has its own personality that allows you to find the perfect fit for your perfect vacation.

Summer Holidays
Many holidaymakers have either had their vacation postponed until next year or canceled altogether. However, Holiday Homes can still provide the summer holiday everyone has been looking forward to. While the weather may not be guaranteed in the UK, quality time away with family and friends will not be missed.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the UK during the season of celebrations and festivals. While everyone has something to celebrate, usual ceremonies and parties have been prohibited or restricted. Visiting Holiday Homes with your family and friends can be a fun way to celebrate momentous events such as graduations, anniversaries and birthdays that have occurred during these strange times.

Helps the Economy
It’s not surprising that the UK’s economy has taken a downward turn. The hospitality sector and the tourism industry have been affected massively. However, visiting Holiday Cottages is a fantastic way to put money back into these industries so they can return to normal and continue developing. There is a vast range of tourist destinations in the UK that have so much to offer in terms of history and entertainment.