Bespoke Virtual Tours vs Matterport

Welcome to the world of virtual reality! This technology is hugely beneficial for businesses but now you face the difficult process of deciding which route to take. There are a variety of suppliers, each with their own pros and cons. Recently the Matterport virtual tours have hit the mass market but are they the best route for you?  At Bronte Digital we create bespoke virtual tours. Below are some reasons why our tours exceed those of Matterport. We are sure this will help make your decision easier.


Image Quality

A virtual tour is used to show your business at its best so you need the best image quality. Matterport’s latest Pro2 3D camera only allows export images of up to 8092px x 4552px. The equipment we use provides image resolution starting at 12000 x 6000. This significant difference creates superior quality, better zoom and crystal clearer detail for the best portrayal of your business. Also, our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees outside views are just as visible and bright sunny days do not affect image quality.


No Ongoing Costs

Each virtual tour provider has their own pricing system. Matterport charges an ongoing fee for the lifetime of the tours they produce – this is usually around 3-5 years. Additional and ongoing costs can amount to large and unnecessary prices. At Bronte Digital we pride ourselves on providing the best pricing solution for you, we have a no ongoing fee option.



As virtual tours are used for marketing it is imperative that your business’s brand is showcased. Bespoke tours can achieve this extensively by including logos, colour schemes and fonts. Meanwhile, Matterport tours boast their own logos and formatting which may distract customers.


User Experience

Our bespoke tours enable you to use a vast range of additional options to perfect your tour. These additional details include drop-down menus, maps, hotspots, booking calendars and much more to achieve the best user experience and engagement. Our new Live Tour feature is the new way to communicate with your clients.



A virtual tour showcases your business at its best and this usually requires a bright sunny day. However, this does not affect our image quality. Our editing software allows us to create the perfect balance between outdoor and indoor light without losing even the smallest of details. Matterport tours are constructed from the as-is images from the shoot on the day which do not allow a high level of control or quality. Sun flares and overexposed (white) windows are a common problem in bright conditions.


Angles and Aerials

Our extensive camera equipment allows us to take images from multiple angles. Our drones capture your business from above and our tripods are adjusted to the height of each room. A Matterport camera is more regimented and limited to ground level on tripods at the same height from room to room.


Aerial Photo Integration

At Bronte Digital we use our drones to capture amazing 360 aerial panoramas from above along with some standard photography and video. Birdseye views are often our most impressive images and effectively show off your business’s surroundings. These special images can be seamlessly integrated into our virtual tours.



Matterport tours are made by cameras scanning the room. This causes disruption for the duration of the shoot. A bespoke tour provides more flexibility and can work around a business’s usual day. At Bronte Digital we are not limited to a specific time of day and can showcase your business when best suits you, day, night or both.


Customer Satisfaction

The Matterport provider who does the location shoot will not be the one to process the images, this is done automatically by Matterport. At Bronte Digital we process our own images to preserve control, quality, and the relationship with customers. We use editing software to ensure all images are under strict quality control which is unmatched by Matterport.



Social media is now a significant tool used to advertise and market businesses, so it is important that virtual tours can be used on a large variety of platforms. The format of our photos allows tours and images to be used on social media and your business’s website at no extra cost. We offer technical support for our customers to help you get the most out of your virtual tours. Meanwhile, Matterport tours are restricted to their original form and increasing their versatility will involve additional costs.


Updates and Changes

The amazing technology of virtual reality is constantly evolving and improving. Therefore, at Bronte Digital, we can continually upgrade our tours with the latest updates. Amends are quick and easy and are done by our photographers, so no need for you to worry.